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RSM Marketing has invented a new product in the SiriusXM line-up: the coveted 15-second radio spot. While 15-second spots are a common offering among many radio stations, SiriusXM has historically only offered the venerable 60-second spot and the practical 30-second spot.

So you’re probably wondering how we can offer a 15-second spot when SiriusXM, itself, does not.

Simple. We, the media buyer, purchase a 30-second spot and play matchmaker to essentially sub-lease it to two separate advertisers. This allows us to not only offer another option to advertisers, but it’s also about half the cost of a 30-second spot.

Before you go and buy as many 15-second spots as your heart desires, think about what’s right for your message. Sure, a 15-second spot costs less and will get you more frequency, but it’s not right for every campaign.

If your message is complex or you’re introducing a new product that needs to be explained, you should consider a 30- or 60-second spot. Read more advice from us on spot length here.

Is a 15-second spot right for my message?

Is your message straightforward? Is it a product/service that already has some brand awareness? Is the industry in which you operate well known among the target audience? Is your call-to-action clear and simple?

If you said “yes” to most of those questions, a 15-second spot may be right up your alley. Remember, being clear and concise is key in these short spots. A 15-second spot is not the place to be clever—unless, of course, you’ve got Geico-level brand power.

Developing short spots can be difficult. You’ve got to be strategic, and selective, with what you include. Our experienced team at RSM Marketing can develop and produce your 15-second spot, in addition to placing your media buy with SiriusXM. Or you can produce your own spot and simply have us place the buy.

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