Heather Snyder - How to Advertise on Sirius XM

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How to Advertise on SiriusXM

SiriusXM is the Most Cost Effective Way to Reach C-Suite and Business Owners

Heather Snyder - How to Advertise on Sirius XM

Heather Snyder

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How to Advertise on SiriusXM

SiriusXM is the Most Cost Effective Way to Reach C-Suite and Business Owners

“Get a quote in 2 days. Get on-air in as little as a week. RSM can write and produce your spot with a fast turnaround. You owe yourself the benefit of seeing how advertising on Sirius XM can transform your growth.”

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How to Advertise on SiriusXM

Advertising on SiriusXM is the Most Cost Effective Way to Reach C-Suite and Business Owners

Yes, we all know SiriusXM reaches a stunning national audience of millions of paying listeners. When you think about it, the fact that subscribers pay for their radio means:

  • They have higher discretionary income.
  • They’re buyers.
  • They’re inclined to technology.

SiriusXM marketing helps you deliver your message to a targeted and captive audience at a more affordable price than other, regular advertising mediums. Satellite radio is an advertising medium that has a fixed loyal audience, making it rewarding to invest in SiriusXM commercials.

Reach Business Owners and Decision Makers

SiriusXM excels at reaching a 45+, college educated, business owner, C-suite executive audience … with the right channel placement. Let’s say that again; if you’re in B2B and want to reach CEO, president, business owner decision makers, SiriusXM is for you.

Of course, SiriusXM has channels for other markets too, including news, sports, comedy, entertainment, lifestyle and religious. It’s all in how you pick them. We’ll help you find your audience for the wisest ad spend.

Advertising on the Howard Stern radio show, for example, provides an opportunity to reach millions of listeners. Howard Stern has one of the most popular shows on satellite radio today and you can reach Howard Stern listeners easily, plus, you get to buy the lowest cost per thousand (CPM) in radio.

Large Reach and Cost-effective

When advertising your business, you want the advantage of a large reach with a cost-effective price. With SiriusXM, you get just that. In addition to the United States, SiriusXM also serves ads to Canada and Mexico. Your ads will be heard in all three countries.

SiriusXM was formed in 2011 after the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved the acquisition of XM Satellite Radio Holding, Inc. by Sirius Satellite Radio, Inc. The merger allowed advertisers the ability to reach over 32 million current SiriusXM subscribers in three places: The United States, Canada and Mexico, all with just one highly-targeted media buy.

Save Money with SiriusXM

SiriusXM is the most cost-effective media to reach a broad audience. Hands down. The cost-per-thousand, or CPM, reached on SiriusXM is often much more efficient compared to traditional and online media.

When you compare all the options, as we routinely do, you must conclude that a SMART SiriusXM buy is just cheap for what you get. What you get is not just awareness, not just broad interest in your brand or product, but conversions. When you’re reaching an audience of multi-millions, even a fraction of a response is BIG.

We’ll help you increase your buying efficiency with flighting. Contact us for a consultation and let us help you create a winning advertising campaign on SiriusXM.

Need a Radio Spot?

We can produce your radio spot for $350 as part of your buy. Your ad will be well thought out, written and executed by creative talent at RSM Marketing.

Or, you can run the spot you already have.

With SiriuisXM, “If in doubt, try it out.” You owe yourself, and your business, the chance to break out in a big way. You’ll regret not knowing what might have been for such a low-cost marketing experiment.

We’ll help you increase your buying efficiency with flighting. That’s how we earn our keep. Contact us for a consultation and let us help you create a winning advertising campaign on SiriusXM.

Why use RSM Marketing for your SiriusXM buy?

  1. We know radio secrets that will provide results.
  2. We can write and produce your spots quickly with quality for any budget.
  3. We are also online experts who can optimize your web site and online conversion tactics.
If you’re advertising B2B, we have a technology that knows what companies are on your site, real-time, by name. We also know what pages they visited, their phone number, their company contacts. This tool is critical in harvesting the additional value from a SiriusXM campaign. In addition to outright conversions, you’ll have warm leads for your sales team for a year.

Recent Projects

Manufacturing Company
Wichita, KS
Supplement Company
Denver, CO
Franchise Consultant
Atlanta, GA
Financial Services
Los Angeles, CA
Home Warranty
Boston, MA
Investment Company
Chicago, IL

Case Studies

1 An established manufacturing OEM spent $40,000 over three months and doubled their web site volume during that time frame while capturing 100+ new leads in their online leads. Their online leads had been declining YOY (Year Over Year) for years, and this one buy reversed that trend by mid-year. Additionally, this company has a retail channel which became invigorated by the national promotion. As an unexpected result, this company landed a new national retail relationship worth millions.
3 A financial services company advertised on SiriusXM for just one year and grew their business 77%. They attributed 65% of that growth to SiriusXM and signed up for more.
2 A dot-com startup spent $30,000 over three months targeting CEO’s and business owners and created 200+ new online accounts without lifting a finger.

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