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We’ve been buying advertising for clients on Sirius XM for many years now. When we started, Sirius XM was a broadcast satellite powerhouse, now reaching 61 million listeners just through the broadcast platform. This includes one out of every two cars on the road who spend an average of 3 hours daily in their cars. 80% of this audience trusts the content on Sirius XM. They’re basically split between male and female and represent older, educated, higher-income households.  

Today, Sirius XM reaches one out of every four U.S. adults through its broadcast and new streaming and podcast networks. That’s a total monthly listening audience of 150 million. Let’s break the newcomers down.

Streaming. Over the years Sirius XM has built a streaming platform that reaches 97 million listeners. Through its ad-supported network, Sirius XM reaches 87% of the U.S. streaming audience. This has happened through many acquisitions, including Pandora, SoundCloud, Sonos, Stitcher, and more. Streaming options generally reach a younger audience. For instance, with SoundCloud, 78% of the audience is 35 years of age or younger. This option is also favored by gamers, by the way. Gaming and gambling advertisers are allowed on the streaming platform though not yet on the broadcast network. So advertisers from many otherwise broadcast-blacklisted categories can advertise on the streaming platform.

Podcast. Sirius XM has built one of the nation’s most robust podcast networks with more than 5,000 top podcasts, including many of the leading talents such as Oprah, Conan O-Brien, and more. The podcast listening audience – 60 million – is highly responsive, largely attributable to their efficacy for the podcast’s talent and for implied endorsement made by the talent, especially if it’s a live read conducted by the talent. Upon hearing an advertisement, research says 93% took an action of some sort. 78% researched the product or service. 74% visited an advertiser’s website. 57% purchased. Sirius XM’s podcast network is also the #1 podcast network for women. Podcast listening has grown 350% in the past 10 years. You tend to get this audience’s undivided attention.

Sirius XM’s broadcast network is only targetable by channel. However, Sirius XM’s streaming audience allows targeting by:


  1. Geography
  2. Demo
  3. Behaviors
  4. Multicultural affinity
  5. Predictive audiences
  6. Database matching
  7. Hundreds of proprietary segments


  1. Language
  2. Content Category
  3. Activity
  4. Mood
  5. Mindset
  6. Brand suitability


  1. Inventory source
  2. Show level
  3. Ad break
  4. Daypart


  1. Lookalike modeling
  2. Retargeting

More, over the years Sirius XM has expanded its data integrations, now working with more than 50 data integrators to provide what they call “full-funnel measurement solutions.” We’ve seen this on the broadcast network. Today, Sirius XM can tell you exactly how much website traffic your ads on the broadcast network generated.

Also, over the years Sirius XM has integrated the advertiser user experience. Early, you had to contact Sirius for the broadcast network and other sales departments to advertise on Pandora, SoundCloud, and others. Today, it’s one point of contact for all networks. 

We can be that one point of contact helping to decipher your expansive opportunities and providing one, integrated advertising plan.

So whether you’re interested in reaching a massive audience on broadcast at unheard-of pricing, we can help you quickly build a 25 million audience. Or, if you’re more interested in reaching a streaming audience where interests, topics, and behaviors can be highly targeted, we can do that for you. Or, if you’re interested in a coat-tail effect associating your brand with top talent brands, or want to reach the highly engaged podcast audience by topic, we can help with this too.

Overall, the point is that Sirius XM has surprised everyone by kinda quietly building out one of the country’s top integrated networks reaching just about any audience at all times of the day and in behaviors, like shopping, working out, getting ready in the morning, cooking, running errands, working… behaviors that are highly targetable.

And this can all be done at budgets that work for you. You have more options than ever, and you can bet that Sirius XM will continue expanding your options. So make the call and let’s see how Sirius XM can surprise you and drive your company’s growth.