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New and experienced advertisers often ask this question. Which is better, a 30 or 60 second spot on SiriusXM satellite radio? The answer depends on three criteria, prioritized.

First, how complex is your message? Many advertisers on SiriusXM are innovators, meaning their products or services might be establishing a new category or product. Perhaps nothing like it quite exists. If this is the case, then you’ll need a longer format spot as well as higher frequency. Why? The human brain will initially go, “Huh”? When the SUV was invented, the audience responded with, “What’s an SUV?” So a 60 second radio spot will allow a slower pace in the spot with more information. The audience will respond with, “I get it.” A 30 second spot will likely leave them confused.

If you’re advertising life insurance, payroll services or a household product, then a 30 second spot is a fine decision. Unless the next point applies.

Second, how sophisticated is your creative approach? More sophisticated advertisers with larger budgets produce very creative radio spots. These spots often utilize celebrities, humorous scripts or even extensive testimonials. Bottom line: all that extra attention-getting, humorous non-sales talk takes time. The benefit: people respond to this approach, and it works. The downside: you need a 60 second spot.

The last criterion in deciding whether you need a 30 or 60 second spot on SiriusXM satellite radio is your budget! Of course! Why isn’t that the #1 criterion? Well, if you ignore the complexity of your service or product as well as whether you would benefit from a creative strategy in your spot, then you might be flushing money down the toilet. We help clients avoid this result and have been very successful. For most advertisers, SiriusXM provides and exceeds the results they wanted or expected.

When it comes to budget, 30 second spots cost less so you can get more for your budget. Something to consider, though, is you get a discount with 60 second spots. You’d think 60s would simply cost twice the cost of 30s. Not true. You get a 20 to 30 percent discount, depending on your buy level, the station, seasonality and advertiser demand.

30 second spots are a fine choice and SiriusXM satellite radio is a brilliant platform for national advertisers. Given the right set of circumstances for your company and brand, the 60 second spot may be the way to go.

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