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In today’s world, alongside all aspects of our “everyday life”, the way we share and experience music is also changing rapidly. Remember when a catchy cover used to be the big thing in music marketing? It was like a window into the song, sparking curiosity and excitement.

But now, think about it: with all the streaming services and social media out there, is a singles cover art still enough? Music has moved into a space where it’s not just about what we see, but also what we feel and experience through different platforms.

Let’s take a moment to explore this shift—how are artists reaching out to us in new and exciting ways that go beyond just a pretty cover?

Understanding Long-Form Audio and Music Video Content

Long-form audio and music video content represent a significant shift in the way we consume media, moving away from the quick, fleeting experiences of short clips to more substantial, immersive formats.

This content demands more extended attention from the audience, typically spanning several minutes to hours. Here’s a closer look at what could be considered long-form content:

  • Podcasts: These are digital audio files available for downloading or streaming, often part of a themed series. Podcasts can range from casual, conversational formats to highly produced storytelling, covering genres like true crime, education, comedy, and more. Their extended format allows for in-depth exploration of topics.
  • Documentaries: In the realm of video, documentaries offer a factual, informative experience. They provide a comprehensive view of a subject, whether it’s a social issue, historical event, or an in-depth look into a person’s life.
  • Webinars and Tutorials: Educational content like webinars and tutorials often fall into the long-form category. They provide detailed instructions or insights on specific topics, making them valuable learning resources.
  • Audiobooks: Narrated versions of written books, audiobooks are an increasingly popular form of long-form content, allowing listeners to enjoy literature in an audio format.
  • Music Talk Shows and Radio Programs: These platforms blend music with dialogue, offering interviews, discussions on music trends, and artist insights, usually extending beyond the typical length of a song.

The rise in long-form content reflects a growing desire for more meaningful, in-depth media consumption, offering listeners and viewers a richer and more engaging experience. As platforms like Spotify, Tencent Music, and Apple Podcasts expand their offerings to include such content, the landscape of digital media continues to evolve.

10 New Trends to Promote Your Artists’ Music on Streaming Platforms

In today’s music scene, it’s all about keeping up with the times and trying out new things. The way we enjoy and share music is changing in exciting ways. This means there are loads of fresh paths for musicians to get their tunes out there.

Let’s check out 10 of the latest trends that are really changing the game for artists looking to make a splash on streaming platforms.

1. Expanding into Long-Form Audio

Platforms like Tencent Music are embracing long-form audio content, including podcasts, audiobooks, and audio-visual shows. This diversification reflects a 4.7% increase in users consuming long-form content in 2020 compared to the previous year.

Artists can benefit from Tencent’s new radio feature, Kugou Radio, and its standalone spoken-word platform, Kuwo Changting, to reach Asian markets and beyond. These platforms offer creative ways to engage listeners with in-depth, thematic content, providing an ideal space for artists to narrate stories or discuss their music in a more immersive format.

2. Leveraging Podcast Popularity

Spotify, a leader in music streaming, reported that 25% of its users listened to podcasts in the last quarter of 2020. This surge in podcast popularity makes it a prime avenue for artists to gain exposure.

By collaborating with podcast creators or starting their own, artists can tap into Spotify’s growing podcast audience. This platform not only offers wide reach but also an opportunity for artists to explore different facets of their creativity and connect with fans on a more personal level.

3. Incorporating Music into Podcasts

Spotify’s mixed-media playlist feature allows podcast creators to integrate music seamlessly into their shows. This innovation is not only user-friendly but also ensures that music rights holders earn royalties.

For instance, Spotify’s ‘Shows With Music’ hub combines documentary series with interview shows, creating a new space for artists to feature their music. This cross-medium approach can significantly enhance the listener’s experience, making podcasts a more dynamic and engaging medium for music promotion.

4. Engaging with Niche Platforms

SoundCloud has evolved from a platform for sharing DJ sets to a hub for independent music podcasts. This shift presents an invaluable opportunity for artists to showcase their work in a community that values and supports independent and emerging talents.

SoundCloud’s unique position in the market allows artists to connect with dedicated fans and explore experimental or genre-defying music, setting the stage for innovative music promotion.

5. Exploring Regional Streaming Services

In this particular case, we’ll portray a particular local platform, but feel free to search for your local/regional streaming service. Boomplay Music, Africa’s largest streaming platform, combines music streaming with podcasts and music videos.

With its significant user base and focus on African-rooted music, Boomplay offers a unique opportunity for artists to reach new audiences.

The platform’s Buzz section features shows and other entertainment content, providing a varied backdrop for artists to feature their music and connect with Boomplay’s engaged and growing community.

Learn how to Advertise on Sirius XM | convertkit waxDxYM2XI4 unsplash | How to Advertise on SiriusXM

6. Utilizing IGTV for Longer Videos

Instagram TV (IGTV) allows for the publication of videos up to 15 minutes long, and live streams lasting up to an hour. This extended format is ideal for artists to showcase longer music videos or behind-the-scenes content.

IGTV’s integration with Instagram’s extensive user base makes it a powerful tool for increasing engagement and reaching a broader audience. Additionally, Instagram’s partnerships with rights holders ensure that artists are protected and compensated when their music is used.

7. Collaborating with Influencers on YouTube Music

YouTube, known for its long-form content, offers artists a vast platform for music promotion, particularly through collaborations with popular YouTubers. This approach not only increases visibility but also allows artists to tap into the influencers’ established audiences.

8. Exploring Tidal’s Unique Offerings

Tidal stands out with its high-quality audio and curated podcast series focusing on intimate artist storytelling. Their Tidal X feature offers exclusive content like music videos, documentaries, and live concert streams.

This rich, multimedia approach provides artists with a platform to share their creative process and connect with audiophile fans, offering a more engaging music experience.

9. Taking Advantage of Apple Podcasts and Music

Though there are many uprising promotional platforms for music and video, Apple Podcasts and Music still remain significant platforms for artists.

Apple’s ecosystem offers a streamlined experience for listeners and provides artists with a vast audience. By leveraging these platforms, artists can effectively reach listeners who prefer Apple’s services, ensuring a broad and diverse audience reach.

10. Embracing TikTok’s Viral Nature

TikTok, predominantly a short-form video platform, has a profound impact on music promotion. Its feature, ‘More on TikTok,’ includes curated compilations and exclusive interviews, offering new avenues for exposure.

Artists can leverage TikTok’s viral nature to reach a massive, global audience quickly. For instance, Lil Nas X’s rise to fame with “Old Town Road” showcases TikTok’s power to catapult songs to mainstream success.

Learn how to Advertise on Sirius XM | marcela laskoski YrtFlrLo2DQ unsplash | How to Advertise on SiriusXM


So, what does all this mean for the future of music promotion? In a world where streaming reigns supreme and podcasts are as popular as playlists, are we witnessing the dawn of a new era for artists and fans alike? It’s time for artists to step up, embrace these changes, and make their mark in this bold new landscape.