How to Advertise on SiriusXM

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FAQs about Advertising on SiriusXM

Can I advertise locally on SiriusXM?

SiriusXM advertising is for national campaigns only. If you only want to reach a specific local market, contact us for alternative advertising venues.

What channels can I advertise on?

There are approximately 50 talks, news, sports, lifestyle, and entertainment channels available for advertising on SiriusXM, with programming for every audience. Some of the most popular include Howard Stern, ESPN, CNN, CNBC, Fox News, and MSNBC.

The music-intensive channels on SiriusXM don’t accept advertising.

What kind of advertising is available?

SiriusXM offers traditional 30 or 60 second radio spots, as well as presenting sponsorships, targeted brand spots, programming shorts…even live reads by A-list, exclusive talent.

How many listeners will my buy reach?

A typical buy that includes a news channel will reach 10 – 15 million weekly unique listeners.

How much does advertising on SiriusXM cost?

There is a minimum spend of $10,000 weekly with a minimum 20k order. That may or may not get you the number of spots you want or the channels you want—some channels cost more than others. As media buying specialists, we can help you craft an advertising strategy to fit your budget.

How long do I have to advertise?

SiriusXM advertising budgets are set by the week and must be paid in advance. We typically recommend a responsible 3-month buy, but we can work at a speed and budget you’re comfortable with.

How do I know my ads ran?

Like traditional media, SiriusXM provides affidavits for reconciliation. Affidavits are proof that the spots ran at a certain date and time.

What channels get the best return?

That all depends on who you want to reach. As SiriusXM advertising experts, we can recommend the best channel selections for your unique target market.

Do I have to advertise on Howard Stern?

No. You choose exactly which channels you want to advertise on, based on your target market and budget.

How often can I change my channel selection?

With each new week or flight.

How do I target a business owner audience?

By choosing the business and news media they listen to frequently.

How do I channel a suburban-rural audience?

By the very fact that satellite radio is often the only media to reach a rural audience, you are getting those audiences in your buy. However, you can also select channels that really target a rural audience.

What is “flighting?”

Most businesses don’t have the budget to run ads continually. “Flighting” involves analyzing the behavior of your target consumers to determine the optimal times for reaching them, then allocating your advertising budget to gain maximum exposure during those periods. No advertising occurs during suboptimal periods, saving valuable advertising dollars. Buying large blocks of time may also qualify you for discounts.

We know how to make flighting work for you, to save you money, and maximize your message to your target consumers.

How much advance time do I need before running my ad campaign?

Generally, it takes between 7 to 10 business days to get your ad campaign up and running. This can depend on the complexity of your campaign, the specific services you need, and time for approvals. This time allows our team to strategize and put together the most effective schedule for your budget, as well as write and produce your radio spot. Also, you need to add an additional 3 days in advance of your flight for prepayment and uploading of your spot.

Who and what do I pay?

You will pay RaptorUSA who will act as your media representative with SiriusXM. RaptorUSA will earn a media commission not available to you if you were to go direct. Therefore, you do not pay for the media consultation and facilitation you receive from RaptorUSA. RaptorUSA may charge for production of the radio spot and other services you may require, such as web site updating, unique landing pages, or marketing technology support. However, if the buy is large enough, RaptorUSA may waive these charges.

What kind of marketing technologies does RaptorUSA use with SiriusXM buys?

There are several technologies that you may want to deploy to maximize your media investment. A couple of examples:

  1. For B2B markets, we have a super helpful tool that lets your sales team know what company is on your web site in real-time. This technology also provides names, phone numbers, and email addresses for your prospect’s exec team, drilling down even farther into purchasing, engineering, ops, and more. If you’re selling B2B and run a SiriusXM campaign, you absolutely need this technology to harvest leads from your site, even if they don’t call or otherwise engage through the web site. This technology does not require to do anything. If they visit your site, you know. This technology is also very affordable.
  2. We can easily solicit visitors to your site to join an “online panel” to assist the brand in R&D, new product development, surveys, and more. Believe it or not, many like to join, then you can market to them nearly for free going forward.
  3. There’s another technology that knows where the visitor is coming from, what time of day, whether they’ve been to the site before, what cookies they have, and more. This technology then offers custom messaging that varies depending on what we know, all in real-time BEFORE the visitor actually loads your page. It works with the site, not on the site. Ask to see a demo!

Who makes the spot that runs on SiriusXM?

Our experienced creative team can write your spot. Our in-house production team can produce your spots quickly and with quality for any budget.

How much does production of a radio spot cost?

For your average spot, RaptorUSA charges a discounted fee of $750. This price includes a basic music track, if desired, as well as the voice talent. For more custom spots, RaptorUSA is happy to provide a custom quote.

Can I use that spot on traditional radio stations?

Yes, you can. And we’d be happy to help you buy those stations too.

Will ads on SiriusXM work?

We don’t have any unhappy clients yet! There are many ways to measure success, and we’d be happy to help articulate those with you. The smarter the team, the smarter your investment pays off.

How do I advertise on SiriusXM?

To advertise on SiriusXM, you need 3 things. First, you need a vetted schedule showing where your spots will run and how much they cost. This takes no longer than 2-3 days to get. Second, you need a spot. RaptorUSA can produce this for you. Last, you’ll need the funds to pay for the flight. That will be a minimum of $20k which will get spent over two weeks.

Where can I find the Sirius XM advertisers list?

Sirius XM does not publish its advertisers’ list, nor will it provide spots
that have aired. You can find a partial list of advertisers here.

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