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Hands down, SiriusXM satellite radio is not expensive. It all depends on how you look at it. Yes, you’ll need to spend a minimum of $10,000 to advertise on SiriusXM radio, but you need to consider the listening audience.

When you advertise on Sirius, you’ll easily be getting millions of listeners on the channels you select: CNN, Fox News, comedy channels, ESPN, Howard Stern and more. Each has a bonafide listening audience in the millions. On average, SiriusXM has the lowest CPM (cost per thousand) you can buy in radio. If you’re looking for a national audience, SiriusXM is really cost effective. By way of comparison, let’s say you buy 19 spots in New York City. You’ll spend at least $5,000 per week and get a listenership under 1 million. When you advertise on SiriusXM, you’ll spend $10,000, perhaps over two weeks, and get double or even five-six-seven times the audience at a fraction of the cost per thousand.

Let’s say you don’t care about CPM metrics. Basically, you’re buying motivated, paid-radio listeners across the country, plus Canada and Mexico. These subscribers have discretionary income and two to four times the average household income. These listeners are responsive; these listeners are buyers.

Buying SiriusXM satellite radio is much different than buying local, free radio. The audience demographics are completely different, and you can expect a much different, more aggressive response rate from your ad on Sirius than you can on traditional radio. So, is Sirius expensive? Well, it still requires a substantial minimum investment ($10,000), but your results? The results could be a game changer. Listen, if you’re going to advertise your business, and it can apply to a national audience, think bigger. Think SiriusXM satellite radio. It may save you money over purchasing a few, large metros while achieving a much higher response rate.

Frankly, SiriusXM is worth the experiment. Try it and see for yourself. From ordering your radio flight to producing your spot, it only takes about a week and a half. Spot production costs as little as $350 and it’s turnkey. Hey look, you’re now on national radio! That’s not only cool, it’s good business.

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