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Sirius XM was formed in 2011 after the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved the acquisition of XM Satellite Radio Holding, Inc. by Sirius Satellite Radio, Inc. Advertisers can now reach over 32 million SiriusXM subscribers. In addition to the United States, Sirius XM also serves ads to Canada and Mexico. Your ads will be heard in all three countries.


RSM Marketing SiriusXM Insights

  • It’s a direct response media. Every advertiser we have placed on Sirius has been pleased by their actual leads, not just the increased volume on the website. It’s super efficient at reaching a national audience. The cost of one week typically is less than one week on 1-2 metro markets.
  • It’s the best media to reach CEOs, business owners, and executives for B2B or premium product pitches. The news channels heavily skew towards 45+ males who own businesses or are C suiters. Audience count on CNN and Fox News exceeds 10MM.
  • Recommended trial flight. We see the best returns with a minimum trial flight of three weeks (not necessarily back-to-back) with an investment of $18k.
  • Value-add opportunities. For longer buys, Sirius can offer additional spots or sponsorships.

Same Day Service
Fast Track to Getting on Air

Sirius XM Mandatories (their rules)

  • Advertising only available on non-music channels
  • National advertising only, local not possible
  • $6,000 minimum weekly buy
  • $10,000 minimum order
  • Flight must be paid in advance


  • 54 million listeners
  • 23% share of all radio (much of that exclusive)
  • Much higher than average household income (typically $100k+)
  • Subscriber audience (indicates higher discretionary / premium purchases)
  • More subscribers than Dish and DirecTV and almost Netflix
  • Typical listener spends nearly 3 hours in car daily
  • The audience is 56% more likely to listen to a commercial than AM/FM

Advertising Channels

Adult / Men

  • Howard 100
  • Raw Dog
  • Entertainment Radio
  • Indie

Women / Lifestyle

  • Kids Place Live
  • Today
  • SirusXM Stars
  • Laugh USA


  • ESPN xtra
  • Fantasy Sports Radio
  • NASCAR Radio
  • NFL Radio


  • Desportes En Vivo
  • Radio Formula Mexico

News / Talk

  • Bloomberg
  • CNN
  • Fox News

Niche / Specialty

  • Road Dogs
  • Patriot
  • Progress

Other RSM Services

Radio spot production, to include script writing

Special technology apps to optimize lead generation

  • Identify B2B visitors to your website in real-time, by name with complete contact info.
  • Online appointment setting – don’t use typical contact forms.Allows visitors to set date and time for phone call with auto reminders. This is very popular! Can coordinate with your calendar or allow user to select any time.
  • Online Chat. One out of four online users HIGHLY prefer chat to phone. Easy turn on / turn off, customization and training.
  • Texting programs. Your ad can offer a text opt-in option. Text coupons and/or links to your site.
  • Qualtrics Site Intercept. Sophisticated online smart tool that customizes web content based on what the cloud knows about your inbound visitor. Have they been there before? Where are they located? What’s their search history? And much more.

Website and online marketing support, to include video for your site

  • All is done in house
  • RSM has one of the largest Google certified teams in the Midwest
  • Video can be simple and inexpensive utilizing animation and stock video
  • Fast turnaround services
  • Qualtrics Site Intercept

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