Contact Heather Snyder for Sirius XM Sales and Advertising.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to advertise on SiriusXM, you can email the SiriusXM sales team or call them directly. Their contact information can be found hereHowever, that contact information is for their New York City office. They have other offices around the country that would likely be more appropriate for you, unless you’re in New York City.

If you are looking for answers TODAY and you don’t want to wait, you should start by downloading the media kit on our site and then calling or emailing Heather Snyder, a media buyer with specialized and extensive information on how to advertise on SiriusXM. Mike has been working with SiriusXM for years and is happy to take any and all questions, and dedicate the time to you that this big decision requires.

When advertising on SiriusXM, you want the advantage of support from a dedicated and knowledgeable source, plus quick response times. In addition, you want to ensure that your media buy is effective and optimized for cost.

You have questions, and we have answers.

  1. What does advertising on Howard Stern cost?
  2. What’s the pricing for Fox News advertisements?
  3. What channels on SiriusXM are best for me?
  4. How much advertising do you recommend, where and how?
  5. How do I reach a female demographic on SiriusXM?
  6. How do I reach business owners on SiriusXM?
  7. What is the audience reach on this or that channel?
  8. How are the day parts?
  9. How much frequency will I get?
  10. And many more.

We Can Help You Start Advertising on SiriusXM

Bottom line is that if you want to contact the SiriusXM advertising team, using someone like Mike to advocate for your best interests is a great way to do it. Here’s why.

First, you pay nothing. As a media buyer, we get a commission from SiriusXM. Mike and his team are happy to do the upfront work in answering your questions, getting vetted schedules turned around with SiriusXM (usually within 24 hours), and obtaining your best possible deal.

Second, you get patience. There are many nuances to buying SiriusXM. It’s not like buying traditional radio. You’ll want and need to know provisions, strategies and opportunities that we can share.

Third, you get marketing strategy and other tools that will help optimize your buy. Not everyone needs these, but they’re nice to have handy.

The rates you pay are SiriusXM rates. We never marks up our rates. Instead, you get preferred rates, not rack rates.

SiriusXM Advertising and Marketing Support

In addition to sales support, we can provide marketing support such as producing your radio spot, optimizing your website or landing pages, analysis and more.

We can produce your radio spot for $350 as part of your buy. Your ad will be planned, written by experienced writers and executed by creative talent by us at RSM Marketing. Or, you can run the spot you already have!

If you’re advertising B2B, we have a technology that knows which companies are on your site in real-time and by name. We also know which pages they’ve landed on, their phone number and how to contact them. This tool is critical in harvesting the additional value from a SiriusXM campaign.

In addition to full campaign management, we can track your results through Google Analytics. The advantage to this is to see how well your SiriusXM advertisements are doing as well as checking for optimization opportunities on your website or landing pages.

With a wide variety of stations and celebrity personalities, a massive number of partnerships with car manufacturers, and a smart business plan, SiriusXM is one of the wisest choices for your advertising dollars.

SiriusXM Sales Phone Number

Again, the SiriusXM sales and customer support phone number can be found here.

It will put you in contact with their New York office. If you’re having a hard time reaching them, call Mike at 316-977-9600. Mike answers about 87.9% of the time!

If we miss your call, you can expect to hear back from us within one to two hours. We know that getting an incredibly fast response is important to you.