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SiriusXM is satellite radio. This means the technology beams down to all receivers in its coverage area: the United States, Canada and Mexico. There is no way to geo-target within this coverage area to advertise locally. However, with a CPM (cost per thousand) of roughly one dollar, even regional advertisers might find that it’s more cost effective to use SiriusXM over buying radio in two to three metro markets.

Here’s an example: say an advertiser wants to buy Chicago, but local Chicago radio may require $20k plus per week for an adequate flight. Well, you can buy the entire nation for $10,000 on Sirius. Yes, the rest of the nation may be “waste,” but you still get Chicago. When you listen to SiriusXM, sometimes you’ll hear just that. “Hey, was that an ad for Florida only?” Yes, it was. Or Texas. Or Chicago. The lesson here: Don’t focus on the media waste – focus instead on the media efficiency for the market you’re targeting.

SiriusXM does not release listenership stats for local markets. That’s a negative. However, ask around. It’s likely that a majority of your target audience subscribes to SiriusXM satellite radio. The rest of the country can be bored with the spot, while your local market listenership picks up their phones and calls or click through to the web site your spot advertises. Remember—results count. Don’t worry about the waste.

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