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It’s a question we get continuously, “Where can I find ads that run on SiriusXM?

Until recently, nowhere. That’s right. Not even SiriusXM maintains a public-facing inventory of all the ads that have graced their airwaves.

But fear not!

We at RSM Marketing have recently launched a library on our site that houses REAL SiriusXM ads from REAL SiriusXM advertisers.

Check it out!

The Value of Listening to Spots

So what’s the value of listening to real SiriusXM spots that have run?


When we play the role of the listener, it allows us to raise the bar on our own advertising—and that’s something that benefits everyone. You also have the unique opportunity to dissect other advertisers’ spots.

What worked? What didn’t?

By observing various intros, voice-overs, creative concepts and calls-to-action, you can identify “the bar” or get some inspiration for your own satellite radio ads.

Adjusting Your Approach by Spot Length

Your strategic approach changes based on the length of your advertising spot. SiriusXM offers 60-second and 30-second spots and, exclusively through RSM Marketing, you can advertise with a 15-second spot.

Of course, a 60-second spot gives you more time, which means you can get more creative and even tell a story. But remember to consistently mention your brand name and weave your call-to-action throughout the spot. Don’t just save it for the end.

A 30-second spot gives you some room for a little creativity, but you’ll need to go about it concisely. Try to mention your call-to-action at least twice in the spot.

In a 15-second spot, you’ve got to deliver the key message quickly. It’s common for advertisers to squeeze as much as they can into this small space. But, when you do so, it can sound like you’re listening to an auctioneer rather than a radio spot. Keep it simple and let it breathe!

Interested in advertising with a 15-second radio spot? Listen to a sample here to see if it’s right for your message!

Remember, we’ll continue to build upon our SiriusXM advertising spots library, so keep checking back for excellent examples of 15-second, 30-second and 60-second ads.

Do you have a SiriusXM spot that you would like to include in our list? Send it to Mike Synder and we’ll gladly add it!

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