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When it comes to SiriusXM advertising, it’s easy to want it all. With a variety of non-music channels sought out by millions of listeners across the United States, Canada and Mexico, it’s a bit like being a kid in the candy store. Advertisers are tempted to stretch their budgets across as many channels as they can get.

SiriusXM requires a minimum $10,000 order, which gets advertisers two weeks of non-music channel advertising as the weekly minimum is $5,000. It’s not uncommon for an advertiser to request a two-channel buy with their $10,000 budget. Sure, they may feel like they’re getting a lot with this approach, but they’re not. Here’s why.


Frequency is key with radio advertising. While SiriusXM has a highly engaged audience who listens for nearly three hours a day, if you have a low-frequency buy on a particular channel, will your customer be listening when your one spot plays? Maybe, maybe not. It’s this uncertainty that creates a need for frequency. If you want a greater chance of being heard by the right ears, you’ve got to stack the deck.

The Perfect Buy

Commit to three to five spots a day per channel for four weeks. If your budget only allows you to be present on one channel, that’s okay. It’s better to be strong on one channel than the illusion of being present on multiple channels.

You may have a diverse customer mix, but think about where the majority of your customers are likely listening—then, saturate the appropriate channel.

Advertising Channels

Adult / Men

  • Howard 100
  • Raw Dog
  • Entertainment Radio
  • Indie

Women / Lifestyle

  • Kids Place Live
  • Today
  • SirusXM Stars
  • Laugh USA


  • ESPN xtra
  • Fantasy Sports Radio
  • NASCAR Radio
  • NFL Radio


  • Desportes En Vivo
  • Radio Formula Mexico

News / Talk

  • CNN
  • Fox News
  • Patriot

Niche / Specialty

  • Road Dogs
  • Progress



  • Fox News
  • CNBC

Breaking Down The Numbers

Let’s say you want to advertise on a sports channel and the average daily cost per spot is $300. Based on our recommendation of five spots a day, your daily budget would be $1,500 and your four-week budget, $30,000. If you’re in sticker shock, let’s talk impressions.

This buy will get you a cumulative 16 million impressions, which means your cost-per-thousand (CPM) is $1.87—the cheapest media buy you can get! When the average Facebook CPM is $7, the leverage you can get on SiriusXM radio is worth the investment.

Note that not every channel is priced the same. Women/Lifestyle channels are less than Sports, whereas News/Talk channels are typically twice as much. All channels can be bought individually aside from Fox News, which must be purchased in addition to two other channels.

Start Advertising On SiriusXM

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