By choosing to advertise on SiriusXM, you’re choosing one of the most cost-effective ways to reach a wide audience. Compared to traditional and online media, the CPM, or cost-per-thousand, is extremely efficient—so great we can’t disclose it online.

Advertising on SiriusXM requires a minimum of $10,000 weekly spend. However, your campaign will be highly-targeted with the choice of channel and topics such as sports, politics and news, men’s and women’s lifestyle and more. Having a minimum spend is not unusual when you get into national or specialized media outlets. $10,000 is actually quite low. SiriusXM has this minimum so advertisers get a certain level of frequency, without which the campaign might fail.

SiriusXM wants their advertisers to win!

Is Advertising On SiriusXM Worth the Cost?

Yes. SiriusXM reaches millions of paying listeners in the United States, Mexico and Canada. Let’s say that again—SiriusXM subscribers pay for their radio when they could get it for free.

This means that the audience on SiriusXM is completely different than the audience you’d reach through advertising on traditional radio. SiriusXM subscribers are mostly made up of:

  • Listeners with a high income
  • 45+, college educated males
  • C-Suite executives
  • SMB (small to medium-sized business) owners
  • Decision makers

SiriusXM subscribers are buyers. 32 million of them. By choosing to advertise on SiriusXM, you’ll reach a massive audience at a low price.

Check out three of our case studies:

  1. An established manufacturing OEM spent $40,000 over three months and doubled their web site volume during that time frame. In addition, they gained over 100 new leads online. Their online leads had been declining and with just one buy, they reversed that trend by mid-year. Soon after, this company landed a new national retail relationship worth millions.
  2. A dot-com startup spent $30,000 over three months targeting CEO’s and business owners. They created over 200 new online accounts with ease.
  3. A financial services company advertised on SiriusXM for just one year and grew their business 77%. They attributed 65% of that growth to SiriusXM and decided to continue advertising on the platform.

Does a 60 Second Spot Cost More Than a 30 Second Spot?

Yes. However, a 60 second spot does not cost twice as much as a 30 second spot. You will get up to a 30 percent discount with a 60 second spot depending on your buy level, the station, seasonality and demand.

We can produce your radio spot for $350 as part of your buy. Your ad will be customized based on your needs. Three factors we look at before we decide on a 30 second or a 60 second spot are:

  • The complexity of your message. Some businesses need to elaborate on their message more than others.
  • Your creative approach. More sophisticated advertisers with larger budgets have the means to produce very creative spots.
  • Your budget. 30 second spots are a fine choice for most. But, the other two factors listed above need to be taken into consideration when deciding between a 30 second or a 60 second spot.

By choosing to advertise on SiriusXM, your ad will be written and executed by our creative team and backed by a strategic approach. You also have the option of running a spot you already have!

Start Advertising On SiriusXM

Ordering your radio flight and getting your spot produced only takes a week and a half. Advertising on SiriusXM is easy! Contact Heather Snyder today to get started.

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