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On January 17, 2018 SiriusXM launched BarStool Radio, a 24-hour channel that covers sports, popular culture, and mens lifestyle talk by the common man, for the common man.

The daily lineup will feature exclusive live call-in shows hosted by BarStool Radio founder ‘El Presidente’ Dave Portnoy, BarStool Sports blogger Kevin ‘KFC’ Clancy, PFTCommenter Dan ‘Big Cat’ Katz and more. In addition, the lineup will include a rotation of Barstool’s most popular standing podcasts as well as new shows from ex-NFL player Pat McAfee, former MLB pitcher Dallas Braden and Julie Stewart-Binks, previously an ESPN and Fox Sports reporter who joined Barstool in September.

The BarStool Radio channel features content from BarStool Sports website, bringing its notorious satire and commentary to SiriusXM subscribers. This channel will be available to listeners nationwide in the car, at home and via the SiriusXM app.

What is BarStool Sports?

Barstool Sports is the leading face and era of comedy and a driving force in sports, entertainment and men’s culture. Founded in 2004, Barstool has generated a cult following of loyal fans across its blog, podcasts, video series, events and more. It is the fastest growing brand in social media for men ages 18-34 with a fan base of around 12 million.

Barstool and its personalities have launched over 17 hit podcasts including “Pardon My Take,” “Fore Play,” “The Rundown,” “Zero Blog Thirty” and “Podfathers” and created the viral trends Saturdays Are for the Boys and RIP Harambe.

They have also partnered with Facebook and Snapchat where they air original shows “The Starting 9” and “Barstool 5th Year.”

For Super Bowl LI, Barstool made its television premiere on Comedy Central with “The Barstool Rundown: Live from Houston” which was the number one show on late night television throughout its four day run. Known for its original takes and unfiltered view of most everything, Barstool Sports is the controversial brand that people either love or hate.

How to Advertise on BarStool Radio

By advertising on BarStool Radio on SiriusXM, you have the potential to reach a wide male audience in the United States, Canada and Mexico. This is a great opportunity to reach all of those listeners with the benefit of the lowest CPM (cost per thousand) you can buy in radio.

To advertise on any SiriusXM channel, it’s best to contact a media representative that will thoroughly answer your questions, negotiate and place your buy at the best rates available. RSM works closely with SiriusXM and will help you every step of the way.

Learn more about BarStool Radio advertising opportunities by contacting Heather Snyder at 316-977-9600 or hsnyder@rsmconnect.com.

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